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Generation Regeneration

Who Are We

Our mission

We have created the first of several regenerative farms and are in the process of re-wilding the land, regenerating the soil and reconnecting the youth.  This is a unique Carbon offsetting opportunity that goes far beyond just planting trees as it also helps to rebuild the soil and create healthy community.   

This integrated approach will create greater food and energy security, through organic market gardens, food forests and off grid power systems.  We have the solutions to many of the current issues and we need to implement them so we can inspire our youth to act now for our future generations.

You can be part of this evolutionary wave of positive action by becoming a patron.  If you simply want to offset some of your carbon foot print, you can purchase a plot that our team will re-wild on your behalf; either by planting forest, hedgerows or allowing natural regeneration to take place. These areas will be re-wilded in perpetuity, and will be held in trust to remain as forest. Each plot costs £500 and you can purchase as many as you like.  They are perfect for the celebration of a birth, a significant anniversary or as a memorial to commemorate those you love.

As well as the carbon sequestration you will be part of a community of active land and species repairers and you can be informed of our ongoing progress. There will be various events you can join in with as each project takes off.  As a patron you will be entitled to a discount of 10% for these activities. 

Soil and species loss is a major threat to the planet.  Through soil regeneration; we can sequester as much carbon as by planting trees.  Stop using chemical inputs.  Higher carbon soils absorb more rain fall, lowering flood risk, they become more mineral and microbe rich increasing the nutrient density of our food and our gut microbiome; Leading to better health and vitality. This also builds the fertility of the soil increasing yields and future proofing our capacity to grow food.  Re-wilding: is effective in mitigating climate change, increasing species diversity, sequestering carbon, helping other species adapt to climate change and has a positive impact on our mental health. 

We invite you to make a difference by joining our patron’s community, fill in the form below to receive more information and join those helping to regenerate this generation.

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