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Established in 2018 Generation Regeneration has set out to create a network of regenerative farms across the country.  Working with our benefactors and patrons, experts and volunteers to actively create solutions to our current crisies. 
Helping to repair soil and working to alleviate anxiety and depression in our young people.  By inspiring our youth to regenerate themselves and the planet.
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By bringing together natural farming methods, regenerative agriculture, Permaculture and Organic growing we will rebuild the soil and provide many opportunities for reconnection with the Earth.

Soil and species loss is a major threat to the planet.  Through soil regeneration; we can sequester as much carbon as by planting trees.  we can stop using chemical inputs.  Higher carbon soils absorb more rain fall, lowering flood risk, they become more mineral and microbe rich increasing the nutrient density of our food and our gut microbiome; Leading to better health and vitality. This also builds the fertility of the soil increasing yields and future proofing our capacity to grow food. 



By being involved in a local rewilding project you can make a difference. Learn new skills, creating a natural legacy and reconnecting with self, nature and others.

Re-wilding: is effective in mitigating climate change, increasing species diversity, sequestering carbon, helping other species adapt to climate change and has a positive impact on our mental health. 


Work with Youth

By teaching rural skills we can upskill our youth.  Through nature connection we can mitigate mental health issues..  Finding  creative ways to engage and inspire the future generations we can future proof them and the land care sector.


Volunteer Opportunities

One of our main causes here at Generation Regeneration is creating opportunities for youths to get involved with the land.  Through Nature connection, Bushcraft, expressive arts and many other activities and events.. 

There will be many volunteer opportunities at all levels so get in touch. 

Helping Hands

We will list events here as they are scheduled.

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew"

Marshall McLuhan

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